Dantonio brings the King of Pop to Life

The music industry has seen many greats but few have captivated the world quite like the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. His discography is one of a kind and he captivated on stage in a way that few have managed in their careers, so when I heard about the Michael Jackson HIStory Show, I was intrigued as to how it would play out because performing as Michael Jackson is no easy feat. I’m often quite skeptical about tribute shows because of how difficult it is to capture the original artist’s essence but with this show, I was honestly blown away.


The show features all Michael’s classic hits like “Man In The Mirror”, “Bad” and the incomparable classic “Billie Jean”, which was a particular crowd favourite. One of the highlights for me was “Human Nature” which was sung with a video of Michael singing the song live on the screens, with Dantanio matching his every move; it was particularly moving seeing the icon himself alongside the man who was bringing him to life on stage. The other highlight was Dantanio’s rendition of “Ben” which showed off his vocals beautifully.The incredible performer who headlines the show is none other than South African born Dantanio and boy, does he impress. The show kicked off with “They Don’t Care About Us” and the dancers immediately caught my eye, in particular the two female dancers who were seriously impressive. The dancing was slick and precise and when Dantanio joined them on stage, his stage presence was almost tangible. Then he started to sing and I actually had to pinch myself because he sounded exactly like Michael – something that other tribute acts haven’t quite managed to do in the past. Dantanio was Michael Jackson on that stage and he held the audience in the palm of his hand, with occasional shouts of “I love you Michael” coming from the crowd.


The band were on point the whole show, with each of the musicians given their moment to shine when Dantanio introduced them and the dancers at the end of the show. That was quite something for me because it was great to see the whole ensemble getting credit for their work in the show. And let’s not forget the sound and lighting which were also incredibly well done. The professionalism of the Showtime family is undeniable and they clearly know how to put on a world class show.



I love how much research has gone into the show – the outfits were exact replicas, the makeup was perfect and Dantanio hit every little Michael nuance perfectly. It was truly like watching Michael on stage which is a great treat for those people who have never seen him live.

Watching the show really makes you realise how incredibly diverse Michael was, with his music encompassing genres from soul to disco to hard rock and Dantanio’s ability to bring his classic music and performance to life was truly a joy to behold. I would recommend this show to all Michael Jackson fans, and even those who only know a little bit about him – you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re looking for a great night out that’s fun and filled with extreme talent, then you won’t want to miss this musical extravaganza. It runs at the Theatre of Marcellus at Emperor’s Palace from 3 to 19 February so make sure to book your tickets before you miss out on this exquisite show.

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