10 West Side Story Secrets

They happen in every show, but you will never see them happen. Here are 10 West Side Story cast secrets from behind the scenes:

Number 1

The jet girls brush their teeth and floss together at the 5 minute call of every show.


Number 2

There are people sleeping on various surfaces. Mostly, that person is Sven-Eric Müller.


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Number 3

In the dress shop scenes, Nurit Graaff started pulling a certain lever on the old fashioned sewing machines to signal the girls version of the line “rev us up, va va voom”. Now all the girls who have a level on their machines pump it just before we start the big dance number.

Number 4

We have strange hobbies. This might be happening at interval and you would never know.


Number 5

If you were wondering, we do play in the smoke and dry ice backstage like children. In this show, however, they caught us on camera and we were told we were stuffing up the smoke design.


Number 6

Aaand yes, we do play with the wigs in the wardrobe department.


Number 7

If you look carefully you’ll see the Jet Girls flirting outrageously with Anybody’s, the tom-boy girl who runs with the Jets, during Cool. LJ Nielson, who plays the role, stoically avoids giggling. She’s very professional.

Number 8

The jet boys give each other vitamins before every performance. They can’t go on stage without getting their fix. 

Number 9

I hold hands with Matthew Berry for half a second every night while wearing a ninja masks on stage.


Number 10

We do talk about the audience. From the hairstyles in the front row to the response we get throughout the show, the way you work with us makes or breaks the show. It really does make our hearts glow with pride to see you get out of your seats at the end of the show. No matter how many times it happens (and with this show it happens a lot) we never get tired of that feeling.


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