6 Characters in a Play in a Play in a Play

Musings Experience Guide for Six Characters in Search of an Author

Our tip: Make sure you pay attention to everything that happens before you go in to the theatre. No spoilers here.

Food: Have something delicious at The Potato Shed before you go to the theatre. Not for the banters.

Dress Code: Casual… You’re also part of the play so go as you are.

After the show: Stay and chat to the actors at the bar and have a glass of something strong. You’ll need it to try and come to grips with what you’ve just seen.


Being an actor is one of the most indulgent professions in the world. Not self-indulgent, just indulgent. It’s like looking at a painting and finding every possible little nuance on the canvas, and then digging into the meaning until it seems as though the painter must have planned out every inch of their portrait to get in so much detail. Meanwhile, it’s in the simplicity that the artist found their truth, while you search beyond the simplicity and in the brush strokes of the mark on the left of the face which was actually a slip up that the artist tried to cover up and didn’t manage to do. That is acting. That’s how you pick out the details in a character and give everything meaning. To other people, you just look like a painting; you’re the simplicity and not the brush strokes and the nuances. You become a real entity.


To act is to become more real than you were before. You’re the character in your own story, being in someone else’s story and using your story to make their story look real. Amongst many things, this is what “6 Characters in Search of an Author” is about. It’s indulgent, it’s a box inside a box within which you may or may not find Schrödinger’s cat. It’s deep, but in a good way.

With a superb cast and creative team, I had high expectations for the performance but really no idea what to expect of the play itself. This is a good way to enter as an audience member. You will see amazing performances and you will be thoroughly confused. You should go without knowing what to expect and just let yourself be dragged, almost literally, into the story.


The script was written by Italian playwright Luigi Pirandello and adapted for the South African context and directed by Sibusiso Mamba. The cast is star-studded and well worth a watch, just to see Kate Normington swooning on a couch!

Make sure you catch it before they close on the 24th of July. For booking information and synopses click here.

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